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Currently there are two main research fields in Graduate Program of BME : biomedical materials & technology, processing of biomedical imaging & signaling. Among these subjects, the studies of cancer-target theranostic agents, anti-(bio)fouling materials, biomedical image guided operation systems, multi-modality imaging systems for tumor diagnosis, and the assessment of functional re-organization of brain during rehabilitation after stroke exhibit the most remarkable achievements and hence confer the characteristics of NCU/GIBME.

The Graduate Program of BME aims to incubate advanced biomedical engineering talents who can extensively solve the medical issues through professional knowledge and well trained cutting-edge techniques.

Teaching Strength:
The NCU/Graduate Program of BME aims to incubate talented biomedical engineers. The designed courses integrate biological, medical, and engineering concepts, introducing from basic to advanced theories and cutting-edge technologies to students.
There are two main research fields in the Graduate Program of BME: (1) Biomedical Materials & Technology, (2) Processing of biomedical imaging & signaling.

Degree Requirements:
1. The students should take Master courses to fulfill 24 credits, and Seminars for three semesters.
2. The students should pass the pre-oral examination in the third semester before the thesis examination.
3. The thesis examination is taken by oral defense for the master dissertation.