Ph.D.Program in Translational and Interdisciplinary Medicine


The aim of Institute of Translational and Interdisciplinary Medicine (ITIM) is to develop clinician inventors and medical inventors promoting interdisciplinary biomedical research, assisting the development of biomedical industry and enhancing the quality of clinical care.


Translational research integrates clinician, engineer, scientist and industry. It creates cooperation opportunity between engineer and scientist on biomedical research with clinician. On the other hand, the research achievement can be applied to bedside with the assistance of the clinician. Furthermore, it leads medical care industry to entry valuable creation to market through industry-university project. Therefore, Institute of Translational and Interdisciplinary Medicine provides communication platform between academic and clinician.

Teaching Strength

The postgraduate curriculum design involves applying engineering and technology in medical application and translational medical research.

Degree Requirements

1. The students should take PhD causes to fulfill 18 credits, including Seminars for four semesters and Principle of Translational Medicine for two semesters.

2. The students should pass the qualify examination within four academic years and pass the dissertation examination within seven years.