Ph.D.Program in Biomedical Engineering


Currently there are two main research fields in Graduate Program of BME : biomedical materials & technology, processing of biomedical imaging & signaling. Among these subjects, the studies of cancer-target theranostic agents, anti-(bio)fouling materials, biomedical image guided operation systems, multi-modality imaging systems for tumor diagnosis, and the assessment of functional re-organization of brain during rehabilitation after stroke exhibit the most remarkable achievements and hence confer the characteristics of NCU/GIBME.


The Graduate Program of BME aims to incubate advanced biomedical engineering talents who can extensively solve the medical issues through professional knowledge and well trained cutting-edge techniques.

Teaching Strength

The NCU/Graduate Program of BME aims to incubate talented biomedical engineers. The designed courses integrate biological, medical, and engineering concepts, introducing from basic to advanced theories and cutting-edge technologies to students.
There are two main research fields in the Graduate Program of BME: (1) Biomedical Materials & Technology, (2) Processing of biomedical imaging & signaling.

Degree Requirements

1. The students should take Master/PhD courses to fulfill 18 credits, and Seminars for four semesters.
2. The students should pass the qualify examination within three academic years. The qualify examination is taken by oral defense for the research proposal.
3. Before application for the dissertation examination, students should publish at least two scientific full articles in SCI-ranked journals.
4. The dissertation examination is taken by oral defense for the PhD dissertation.